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Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you’re right

Not long ago I posted a link on the ROSES & RAZZBERRIES Facebook page featuring a lawyer – yes, another one – who created a video that I thought was rather disparaging to the trucking industry. In case you missed it, here was the headline alone:

“Trucking Companies Leave a Blood Trail in their Wake”

Classy, huh?

I wasn’t surprised at all when the post generated a ton of conversation in the comments. What I was surprised by was the number of truckers who were defending this guy, or at least were not offended by what he had to say. “How can this be?” I thought. “The guy writes about truckers and a trail of blood, and truckers are OK with this?”

Well, the truth is that almost all of the folks who responded were most decidedly NOT okay with the way this guy presented his message. It was one-sided, biased and misleading, to say the least. However, as many folks pointed out, there was some truth to what he was saying.

He was flat out wrong, of course, when he implied that all trucks were rolling down the highways “at speeds of 80 miles per hour or more.” Come on. Most trucks operate in areas where the traffic alone is enough to prevent that from happening.  He also misrepresents driver fatigue as being a much bigger problem than it really is.

And of course he made the classic mistake that everyone who isn’t in trucking makes in failing to account for the fact that in the majority of accidents involving trucks, it’s not the truck driver who’s at fault. Never mentioned that once. So for those things and the sensationalist tone the RAZZBERRIES were more than warranted.

As for the truth in his rant, well, he did point out that “many employers are encouraging drivers to work beyond the legally-set time limits, or to forgo their 10-hour restart period in exchange for financial rewards.” In other words, driver coercion. Something those in the trucking industry know all too well, which is seldom mentioned by those on the outside. Good on him for recognizing that. And good for everyone in the comments who pointed that out.

That having been said, his message wasn’t a very effective one, at least as far as truckers are concerned. I’m sure it scared the bejeezus out of enough other drivers, though, that he’ll get a phone call or two and maybe a fat settlement out of the deal. And after all, for guys like this isn’t that what it’s really all about?


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